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My Story

I’ve never wanted to tie myself down to any one path or career, and this site showcases the many journeys I’ve taken. I do many different things, but each project I take on I approach with the greatest enthusiasm and focus. Starting from the age of 6 years old, I have shown an early passion for music and dance. and this passion has led me to so many different opportunities and experiences that I am so grateful for. While being in the choir, performing in the DFW area, and creating two CD's at such an early age I was also being a Track N Field Athlete and Champion. Although I was extremely successful in both the arts and athletically for years to come, I took a pause from pursuing music and ended up choosing to become a collegiate Athlete. But of course, that didn't last long. Injuries became inevitable and the drive for music never ceased to exist. I began to create music again, and had opportunities arise in the music industry. Unfortunately, life never turns out how you want it to. After losing my brother to Suicide in 2017, my whole life and career came crashing down and I lost my drive for music.


In 2018 I was suffering from my own form of depression and suicidal thoughts but thankfully a certain turn of events had presented itself to me and saved not only my passion for music but also my life. The creation of my community driven Music Video "Depression" and my new found Hobby, Pole Fitness had jump started my drive for the Arts once again. Of course the healing process didn't happen overnight and I hit many road blocks along the way but I continued to move forward. I had something to fight for, to live for, and a small group of people I couldn't let down. 

After a long battle with family, friends, and myself, along side the help and push of my Mentors, I had finally figured out what I wanted for myself. And in 2020 was the beginning of my new life as a business owner, Professional Actress, Pole Dance Artist, Recording Artist, and Influencer. I went from barely knowing who I was to featuring in Music Videos, Funding my own Music Projects, taking on Lead Roles, Performing for Events, Creating my Own Merch and now helping others to find themselves as well. 

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